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Tours, Workshops, Installations, Support

We are open to the public on the 2nd Friday of the month from 3pm-6pm for vegetable sales and short (5-10 min) tours of our greenhouse.

Want to try Aquaponics yourself? Contact us about our Introduction to Aquaponics Workshops. We teach and equip people and organizations to grow their own fresh food year-round.

You can also get started with our Grow36 Unit which provides 36 square feet of aquaponic growing space. Or work with us to design and install your own customized system.

For folks interested in commercializing aquaponics, we provide design and consulting services, as well as operational support. Whether you are a hobbyist, academic, or potential commercial operator, we are available to help!


We started You Grow Food Aquaponics because of our keen interest in food security and year-round growing of organic greens, herbs and fish! You are probably similarly  motivated and will enjoy learning about the wonder of growing your own food in every season.

Two of our founders teach this intensive 1/2 day introduction to Aquaponic Growing on-site at the Hope Greenhouse location so every topic is illustrated in real life all around you.  The growing techniques of flood and drain, deep water culture, vertical towers, wicking beds and nutrient flow technique will be taught and demonstrated. Which one will prove best for you?  Essentials such as new system start-up, water chemistry, fish health, plant health, seeding and most importantly, filtration, will be covered.

There will be time for your questions to ensure that your own particular goals are met on that day.  Pre-sending your questions will also be helpful, to ensure we satisfy your learning edges.

Aquaponic Afternoon Intro Course: $75

Our Grow 36 Custom Aquaponics Systems

Imagine a raised garden bed 12 feet long that never stops producing greens and herbs. Now add a seed propagation or microgreen area. And a mid-level, 4 foot starter bed for seedlings impatient to graduate to the big garden bed up top! Also, an 85 gallon fish tank that raises 20 fish at a time and provides organic nutrients to all the garden plants! Yes, and a manual and technical support program.

Optimal for growing organic greens and herbs at home or for creating a living ecosystem laboratory in the school classroom.

Contact us and tell us what you have in mind for your Grow 36 Garden!

We’ll provide you with a price quotation, payment options and discuss how much follow-up support you would like from us.