63305 Yale Road Box 2181 Hope, BC V0X 1L0


Vegetables and fish…You’re telling me my vegetables are grown with fish poop?

Absolutely! We grow our vegetables and fish year round in an ecosystem garden. The fish are organic and delicious: harsh chemicals would hurt our ecosystem. Ethically raised, delicious tilapia available for purchase.

The leafy greens and culinary herbs are more flavourful because of how they grow. Get fresh, local food year round via our Weekly Greens Subscription Program! We deliver! Contact us/check out our Facebook page for hours, info, and tours.

Eat well, feel good, support local food!

Chefs and caterers welcome! Contact us for a special tasting tour to taste why our culinary herbs are sought after for their intense flavours and unique varietals.


We offer farm sales directly from our greenhouse on the Second Friday of the month from 3pm-6pm or you can sign up for a weekly greens subscription that gets delivered to your doorstep.

  • Small Greens: $10
  • Large Greens: $15
  • Adult Tilapia (killed, not cleaned): $6 per pound
  • A Loaf of Fresh Local Bread: $5
  • Delivery: $3